Why Am I Running?

I am running for the Minnesota State Legislature for one simple reason: Government is so polarized that the average citizen has no sane middle ground to consider any position from a broader, more meaningful viewpoint.

Our District needs a representative that is open to seeing the bigger picture.  The legislature should be a place where public servants can represent their constituents and still acknowledge broad realities. The constant push and pull for funding and priorities will always be evident and rightly so. But taking a strictly partisan stand accomplishes nothing. Striking an informed and rational balance should be the goal.

The questions Minnesotans struggle with are legitimate, and they don’t have bumper sticker answers: Are taxes too high or too low? Does the responsibility for water quality lie with our farmers, our lakeshore owners, or municipal residents? Should we return a surplus to the tax payer, use these funds to support education, infrastructure and jobs or reserve the funds for use during an inevitable economic downturn? The list goes on and on.  

I believe the role of the public servant is just that: to serve the public. Not corporate interests, not big government and not partisan knee-jerk politics. A Representative represents – they listen to their constituents and bring every voice to St. Paul. They see the bigger picture and work to serve their public. And that means all of the residents of their district, from every walk of life. 

I am ready to listen and to go to work for all residents of 11B, and I hope to have your vote in November.